All courses run by the Diamond Valley Gem Club are conducted by experienced members on a voluntary basis at the clubs premises.

Course Fees*: $40.00 each
*Note, Courses may incur additional material costs. Please check prior to enrolment and payment for any additional material costs.

For newcomers with no experience at all it is strongly suggested that you enrol in the cabochon cutting course first so that you get a basic understanding of what is involved in the polishing of gemstones.

Course safety requirements – all courses

Care must be taken when using equipment in all courses to ensure safety to yourself and others. Machinery includes blades, polishing/sanding, faceting tools, wire cutting, open flame/heat, with risks such as cuts, grazes, projectiles, slipping, or burns.  The following is the minimum safety equipment recommendations to help protect yourself and others. 

  • hair, tied up or in hair net
  • Safety goggles
  • Ear muffs
  • Closed footwear with good grip
  • Vinyl Aprons (for working with water)
  • Do not place flammable items on workspaces near open flames 

Always be mindful of safety and the risk to yourself and others when using the equipment. Ensure you follow the tutors advice on how to use the equipment safely.