Diamond Valley Gem Club Inc.

The club fosters the interests of all people who are interested in the collecting, cutting and polishing gemstones, lapidary work, in addition with all associated arts, crafts and activities.

Club Room Times

Monday:    7:30pm – 9.30pm
Tuesday:  10:30am – 3:00pm
                   7:30pm – 9:30pm
Thursday:  7:30pm – 10:00pm
Saturday:   1:30pm – 4:30pm

Club History

In October 1967 the Diamond Valley Gem club was officially formed. That year there were ten gem clubs formed in Victoria and we were one of them. The club emerged from humble beginnings with workshops being held at a member’s home using limited equipment.
Our first club President was Franz Zyllstra and years later the club became an incorporated body. On the eighth of February 1968 the clubroom was opened at the Sullivan’s home in Montmorency. The first newsletter was issued in May 1968. In late 1968 the club held its first gem show, which in fact was the first national gem show to be held anywhere in Australia.
In later years the club has progressed to having our own clubhouse. On the thirteenth of July 1975 about seventy members went along to an open day at the new clubrooms, which were located at the western end of Stanley Street behind Stortford Avenue in Ivanhoe.
In following years we approached the council again for larger premises.  Councillor Critcheley took the case to the council and a new premises was found at 135 Henry Street, Greensborough.
In 2019 the club again approached council for larger premises and in 2020 we were offered the old girl guide hall at 20 Noorong Avenue, Bundoora which is now our present location.
After Fifty years we have a healthy membership, good accommodation for our equipment, and we offer a good range of activities for our members to ensure that the club is around for another fifty years.